What Exactly is Leaky Gut?

I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that “It all starts with the gut”. Our gastrointestinal system influences the health of everything in the body & when it isn’t functioning at its optimal level, it can affect other body systems and lead to mood disturbances, systemic inflammation, & a host of other issues. Truthfully,Continue reading “What Exactly is Leaky Gut?”

The Six Common Signs of Estrogen Dominance

Many of my clients are so overwhelmed at the thought of “hormone balancing’’.  They often ask me: How do I know that my hormones are off? What should I be looking for? Aren’t these symptoms just a normal part of being a woman? The answer to that last question is “No, sis…your intense PMS symptoms,Continue reading “The Six Common Signs of Estrogen Dominance”

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