What Exactly is Leaky Gut?

I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say that “It all starts with the gut”. Our gastrointestinal system influences the health of everything in the body & when it isn’t functioning at its optimal level, it can affect other body systems and lead to mood disturbances, systemic inflammation, & a host of other issues. Truthfully,Continue reading “What Exactly is Leaky Gut?”

Natural Relief for Springtime Allergies

Spring time has arrived and with it comes the pollen, grass, and other allergens that make our eyes itch, noses run, and causes us to have sneezing fits all throughout the day. If you are an allergy sufferer then you are likely familiar with antihistamines like Zyrtec, Claritin, or Benedryl. Those a good options butContinue reading “Natural Relief for Springtime Allergies”

Key Nutrients To Support Work Stress Management

Technically “Burnout” is not classified as a specific condition, but it’s a major cause of stress for many people. The mental, emotional and physical effects of work stress can be crippling for many of us who are juggling lots of different responsibilities. Fortunately, there are many key nutrients that may help you cope with work-related stress and its effects on your health.

Signs You May Have PCOS

I am one of the millions of American women with PCOS. Like you, I’ve had to struggle with weight gain, excess hair growth, and fertility challenges. When I was diagnosed in 2017, I was crushed. I had just gotten married and there was NOTHING I wanted more than to get pregnant and become a mother.Continue reading “Signs You May Have PCOS”

The Six Common Signs of Estrogen Dominance

Many of my clients are so overwhelmed at the thought of “hormone balancing’’.  They often ask me: How do I know that my hormones are off? What should I be looking for? Aren’t these symptoms just a normal part of being a woman? The answer to that last question is “No, sis…your intense PMS symptoms,Continue reading “The Six Common Signs of Estrogen Dominance”

10 Affirmations to Help You Survive the Two Week Wait (TWW)

Know one thing that trying to conceive (TTC) makes you realize? Two weeks is long AF. The two week wait is the two weeks between ovulation and the onset of your period (or hopefully a positive pregnancy test). The dreaded two week wait is enough to make the most sane, calm & collected woman lose her shit. And understandably so.

Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Fertility Trackers

Hey, beauties!! Today I wanted to chat about fertility trackers & how important they are in this fertility journey. So, let’s jump right in! WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A FERTILITY TRACKER??: It’s an app that keeps track of your cycle & lets you know when to expect your next period & the exact daysContinue reading “Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know About Fertility Trackers”

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