My Favorite Places to Find Journals

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Hey, folks! So, yesterday I talked about the power of journaling, specifically gratitude journaling. While proofreading it I thought about giving you guys a quick list of my favorite places to buy my journals.

Whenever I’m shopping I always head to the stationary section to see if that store has any cute journals. Truth be told, I try to only buy one journal at a time because any more than that kinda stressed me out (I know, I’m a weirdo lol). But I think that it stresses me out because I get so excited to use the new journal that I either abandon my old one or just start jotting down bullshit so that I can fill up my current one get to my new fancy journal. Then I start thinking “well, my children are probably gonna read these after I die and if they read this bs that I just wrote they are probably gonna say ‘wtf is Mama talking about’” LOL so I just try to stick to one journal at a time. Depending on how busy I get it can take me over a year to fill up a nice, thick journal and 4-6 months to fill up your standard 100 page or so journal. I’m also an organization nerd so I have one journal for each section of my life. Fortunately, I only break my life down into 4 sections: Personal, Business, Clinic, & Bible Study. This way I don’t get my prayers all mixed up with my business plans or clinical pearls.

Anywho, now that I’m done rambling, here are my favorite places to buy journals:

  1. Marshalls/TJMaxx/ROSS

    • I lumped all of these stores together because they are basically the same store to me. Whenever I go into any of these stores I head straight for their home decor/snacks/random shit section (lol don’t act like yall don’t know how random & messy TJMaxx & Ross can be). Despite the randomness & junkiness of the store, they almost always have super cute journals. These are my go-to places for cute gifts for my girlfriends, mom, mom-in-law, etc. Bonus: they are super cheap! I’m talking less than $5 for a cute & fun looking journal.
  2. Barnes & Noble

    • I’m obsessed with this store! In fact, for my 28th birthday, I treated myself to $60+ dollars of stuff from B&N & I ain’t sorry (in my Beyonce voice). Not only do I love reading but B&N has a fantastic selection of journals that range from cute & flirty to elegant. You can get a regular paperback one or a beautiful leather journal that will make all of your co-workers all kinds of jealous.
  3. Target

    • I hate Target. I love Target. I love Target because they find a way to have the cutest stuff EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’M. IN. THERE. I hate target because they find a way to have the cutest stuff EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I’M. IN. THERE. I always say that I’m just going in here for deodorant & coffee creamer. Then, $100 dollars later I’m cussing at my receipt & wondering how a pair of pants, a candle, and bathroom cleaner could cost so damn much! And I never leave with what I came there for in the first place! *sigh* Anywho, just like everything else in Target, the journals are so cute & kind of expensive (any journal more than $10 gets a side eye from me). But, if you’re a regular Target shopper just pop on over to the stationary section and pick up a cute journal while you’re in there.

    • My current journal that I use for my business stuff is my “This Is My Year” Journal by Myleik Teele. If you don’t know who Myleik Teele is she is an amazing woman who is the brains behind the exclusive monthly subscription service, CurlBox, that delivers full-sized & sample sized hair care products straight to your door. She also has a podcast called MyTaughtYou that is one of my favorites to listen to. She’s just an all-around badass. She has created 3 journals that help you get clear on your goals, and work towards them. They are rather expensive for a journal ($20) but I highly recommend them!
  5. Amazon

    • Amazon is everything to me. I don’t know what took me so long to get Amazon Prime BUT it’s been a game changer. My husband and I order our basics from Amazon (i.e. toilet paper, napkins, cleaner, puppy pads, etc.) and we even furnished our home through Amazon. So, it’s obvious that Amazon would be one of the first places I’d look to when searching for a new journal.
  6. Etsy

    • Ahhh Etsy. One of my favorite corners of the internet. While I haven’t purchased a journal from Etsy yet,  I have seen many that have caught my eye but my budget simply said “nah”. The great thing about Etsy is you are getting a handmade item and supporting an entrepreneur! The pricing can vary but you are sure to find something within your price range. Click here to check out what Etsy has to offer!

And there it is! My favorite places to buy journals. I’m just about done with my This Is My Year journal so I’ll be shopping for another one soon. I’ll be sure to share the goodies that I’ve found on Instagram.

Where do you find your journals? Let me know in the comments!



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