Welcome to Ellis Family Wellness

Ellis Family Wellness is no longer accepting new patients.

Please see below for practice updates and additional resources.

The Grateful Flow- Changes to Ellis Family Wellness, LLC

With thanksgiving being last week (or not…depends on when you’re reading this 😊) I’m sure we are all thinking about what we’re grateful for. Life, the opportunity to break bread with our loved ones, our health, etc. 

I am most grateful for you all. Each and everyone of you who have trusted me with your health, wellness, pain, etc. You have helped me grow as a practitioner but also as a human. And it’s with this grateful heart that I share some news that may upset/disappoint a few but won’t be very surprising to many. 

As of December 31st, 2022 I will be discontinuing my clinical care services and focusing on education and research. This is a change that has been in my heart since the top of the year but I didn’t have the courage to lean into my gifts and my purpose. I believed that I needed to pay my “dues” first  before allowing myself to lead with what I’m most passionate about. But that did a disservice not just to my patients but also to myself and most importantly my mental health. You all deserve to be cared for by a provider who is operating in the highest expression of themselves and in this model, I was not. 

What Does This Mean, Exactly?

I will be finishing up any outstanding appointments with patients before the end of the year. I will not be accepting any new patients.

But Dr. Sarah…Who Can I Go to For Integrative & Naturopathic Care?

I am referring my patients to 3 different practitioners. All of which I genuinely admire, respect, and would trust to care for myself and my family.

  1. Dr. Tabitha Lowry ND, MS & Adorn Naturopathic
  2. Dr. Cayley Chirumbolo ND & C3 Wellness
  3. Dr. Penni Vachon DNP @ Lowcountry Wellness Center

It has been a true honor and privilege to be a part of your healing journey. As soon as I’m ready to share what’s next on my journey you all will be the first to know.

For now, you can catch me online (and in-person) leading educational webinars through Microbiome Labs.

Wishing you all the absolute best that life has to offer.

In Gratitude & Health,

Dr. Sarah G. Ellis ND, MS

Founder/CEO, Ellis Family Wellness